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Terms of Service

General Provisions

This site is operated by Osek Patur (sole businessperson) Lubov Green located at Hadera Israel (hereinafter: “the Company”).

Nothing in these terms shall derogate from the provisions of any law, including the Consumer Protection Law 1981 and regulations enacted thereunder, and to the extent that a conflict between the provisions of these terms and the provisions of the law is discovered, the provisions of the law shall apply.

The website is intended to provide the user with information about the company's products and services, information about promotions, ways to contact the Company etc. The products displayed on the website can be purchased through the website (distance selling) when are in stock and according to these terms.

The company is not obligated to provide a product that is not in stock and display all the available products on the website, and the user waives any claim involved as a result.

In rare cases possible mistakes in information about the products and services on the website, including their prices. These mistakes are resulting from a human error or a typos. In these cases the user will not be able to benefit of the error and he will be asked to purchase the product or service at the correct price.

Use of the website governed by these Terms of Service.

Every user and/or performer of a purchase operation on the Company's website (hereinafter: “the Customer”), declares – by the fact of use of the website and/or making the purchase that he is aware of and accept the Terms of Service. And that he and/or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim and/or demand against the Company, and/or the operators of the site, and/or anyone on their behalf, except for claims related to the breach of the obligations by the Company and/or the operators of the website according to these terms.

Wherever in these terms the masculine pronoun is used, it also means feminine in the literal sense.


The Company’s website may offer products and services at special promotions and/or special discounts etc. The Company does not guarantee that every promotion it conducts will apply to all customers. It is emphasized that the Company is entitled to change or cancel promotions at its sole discretion.

The Company may at any time cancel or change any promotion.

Making order

To have an order carried out quickly and smooth, the Customer must take care to provide the correct details, otherwise the Company will not be able to guarantee the order. Filling in complete and accurate details about the Customer and the means of payment are necessary for carrying out the purchase operation.

At the checkout, the Customer must provide details of a credit card details or an alternative mean of payment (e.g. PayPal), the number of payments and to confirm the transaction. Sometimes, when buying over a certain amount, the website operator may ask the Customer to send an image of his identity card, in light of the credit company's safety instructions.

After the transaction is confirmed by the credit company (or a financial organization performing the function of payment gateway), a notification of successful payment will be displayed on the computer screen.

In the event that the transaction is not approved by the financial organization, the transaction will not be valid and the order will be void and canceled.

The order will be considered complete only upon receiving approval from the financial organization, and the company is not obligated toward the customer as long as the order has not been approved by the financial organization.

All the orders approved by the financial organization will be assigned an appropriate status on the website.

Purchasing on the Company’s website constitutes inclusion into the Company’s customer list, which might be part of the Company’s direct mail distribution.

Right to purchase

Any individual over 18 years of age, acting either on his behalf or on behalf of an eligible legal entity, has the right to purchase products and services offered on the Company's website.

A prerequisite for approving the purchase transaction is that the Customer is qualified to perform binding legal actions. If he is a minor (under the age of 18) or is not entitled to perform legal actions without the approval of a guardian or a legal entity as mentioned above, the purchase action will not obligate the Company.

Restricted actions

The company may prevent the Customer from purchasing on the website in any of the following cases:

  • The Customer violated one of the provisions of these Terms of Service.
  • The Customer provided the Company with incorrect details when placing an order and/or afterwards.
  • The Customer has committed an act or omission that could harm the Company or its staff or owners, or the proper operation of its website, or anyone on its behalf, or a third party.

Submitting false information about the means of payment is a criminal offense and subject to the prosecution.

Transaction cancellation

Pursuant to Section 14C (c) (1) of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law”), the Customer has the right to cancel the purchase by notifying the Company within fourteen days from the date of the purchase or receive of the product, or the date when the Customer received a document containing purchase details according to section 14C (b) of the Consumer Protection Law, whichever is later.

If the Customer has the right to cancel the purchase in accordance with the law or as agreed otherwise with the Company, he will be able to do so by submitting a cancellation notice to the Company’s e-mail: Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в браузере должен быть включен Javascript.

In the cancellation notice the Customer must specify his name, ID number and information of the product or service he wants to cancel.


Payment by the Customer of the order using a credit card is subject to the approval of the payment by the financial organization.

When purchasing a product in installments, in accordance with the payment terms specified on the website, the Customer will be charged by credit card (subject to the credit company's approval) by debiting his account once a month in fixed payments that already include the interest. Additional amounts in respect of the purchase, if any, will be charged on the usual billing dates of the buyer's credit card, in accordance with the purchase terms.

All prices displayed on the Company’s website include VAT.


The company reserves the right to change these Terms of Service or update them. Any purchase transaction is subject to the provisions of these terms.

Privacy and data security

The Company makes efforts to protect the privacy of its customers.

In this context, no sensitive information related to the customers and their accounts is passed on to third parties and no information is stored about the means of payment, account number and credit card details, thus preventing the possibility of a third party accessing these data. These details are transferred directly to the server of financial organization.

The Company undertakes to act in accordance with the provisions of the law, including the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981 and Amendment No. 40 to the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting) 5742-1982.

Without derogating from these terms and conditions, the Company may, at its absolute discretion, collect and store any information resulting from the use of the website.

The Customer is not obligated to provide his personal details and such details will be provided according to his determinism in case he decides to purchase a product on the website.